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Choosing a pet is a commitment for life, please choose wisely...


The Australian Shepherd is NOT the right dog for every family. To be sure you understand the breed, please read Liz Palika's: Is an Australian Shepherd the Right Dog for You?

Following is a PARTIAL listing only of the available dogs in foster care or private homes in the Southern California area. For information on ADDITIONAL dogs, please contact a Rescue Representative.

If you're interested in rescuing an Australian Shepherd, please first check your local shelters. Aussies are showing up there in ALARMING numbers, and we need your help to save them.




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Blue is a 4 1/2 yr old, Male Australian Shepherd and weights 45lbs
Blue is a delightful fellow. He is sweet, cuddly and seems well mannered. He is even doing well with the dogs at his foster home! His family relinquished him because they couldn't give him the time that he needs and he was escaping their yard. Worried that he would get hurt and knowing that things are only getting busier for them, they reached out for help finding him a furever home that can give him a better life. Blue needs a home where people are around to be with him more often than not. Doggie friends are great but he really needs people interaction. Coming from a busy household, he may be a little clingy and anxious about being alone. † http://aussierescuesandiego.org/foster-and-volunteer/adoptionapplication/ † †(11-25)

Charlie is a Male,†8-10 years old , Australian Shepherd and weights 66lbs (should be 60lbs)
Charlie is very friendly with people and good with other dogs.† He can be overly interested in small dogs and cats. Charlie would like to go for short walks, cuddle and have someone to keep company. Please fill out application if interested in adopting Charlie http://aussierescuesandiego.org/foster-and-volunteer/adoptionapplication/ † (11-25)

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This handsome fellow is "DUNDEE" - he is about 5 yrs old and neutered, his owner is selling his house and moving in with his daughter and unable to take Dundee with him - he's already got a few offers on the house, so needs a new home sooner than later.† Dundee is housebroken, used to sleeping indoors, but spends his days outside.† Per the owner, a few years ago Dundee was attacked by a neighbor's dog and has not been good with other dogs since....he will fence fight with dogs but owner says he just has to speak to Dundee and he stops right away.† He does bark at strangers, both on walks and in his yard, but will warm up if given enough time - warms up faster if you play fetch with him.† Loves to play ball & frisbee, and loves to be in his wading pool of water.† Limitedly been around kids and seems okay but can be pushy, so probably not appropriate for a family with children.† If you are interested in Dundee, please contact owner Lonnie at 909-929-5289. †(11-20)

"NAKOTA" is a 4 yr old neutered red merle male Aussie, on the smaller side at 45 pounds.† He is a high energy, somewhat anxious, boy, that is housebroken, loves ball/fetch/frisbee and swimming, he has had some basic obedience training and knows some tricks, goes on hikes carrying a backpack as well as on runs with his owner.† He is okay with cats, good with other dogs, loves to go to the dog park - per his owner, he would stay there all day if they would let him - has been gentle with kids the limited amount he has been around them, BUT he has bit the wife a couple of times on the hand, as well as a couple of other people - all over them reaching for him when he has food - in his mouth, trying to take it away from him, etc.† No medical attention required but because of this, he should not be living with children.† He is very attached to the husband (no problem with him taking things from him) not so much to the wife, seems to be more of a one-person kind of Aussie, and that one person needs to be a more assertive type of personality.† If you are interested in him, please contact owner Anthony at (626) 394-8876¬† or email: aschubert23@gmail.com †(11-20)


"LEIA" is a 13 yr old spayed female Aussie looking for a new home.† She does have lupus and incontinence but is still full of life.† Her owners are moving onto their sailboat and are not able to take her with them - per the owner, the drugs she was taking stop being effective for her incontinence so outside is best for her.† Leia is great with dogs, cats, loves children and strangers. She had never bitten anyone, she's a sweetheart. She sits, shakes, not real good on leash, loves car rides.
She lost some hair on nose due to lupus, was on steroids for that but they caused appetite increase and gained a ton of weight.† If you are interested in Leia, please contact owner Gina via email:† ggreene505050@gmail.com† or call 805-506-1484¬† (Camarillo area) † (11-20)




This handsome sweetie had been running in the local desert for two weeks before he settled in on a resident's front porch.
He was already neutered and microchipped, but the owner has not returned our calls, nor answered the letter sent by U.S. mail.
His age was listed as five-years old and had two names listed on his microchip information: 'Pescado' and 'Fluffy.'
He wags his tail no matter what we call him. He is super mellow and gentle, affectionate and loyal. Once he has been petted, he will follow anyone anywhere.† Best as an only dog, no idea on cats or kids.† Neutered, UTD on vaccines, microchipped.† If you are interested in Pescado, please fill out an adoption application and email it to aussierescue@roadrunner.com† (Palmdale area)


Shasta is a 4 yr old, Female, Aussie mix
Shasta is a very sweet shy girl. She can be nervous around strangers but warms quickly if the situation is supportive. She is very snuggley and playful once she knows you. Shasta loves cushy beds (including the couch!) and going on quiet walks. She is good with all her foster siblings and enjoys playing with †some of them.
Shasta needs someone who is not gone for long periods of time and who is patient and able to continue to build her confidence and training.
If you are interested in adopting Shasta, please fill out an application at† http://aussierescuesandiego.org/foster-and-volunteer/adoptionapplication/

"SAMMIE" is a 10 yr old spayed female Heeler that is in need of a new home due to her elderly owner having to go into a care facility.† She's about 30 pounds, has a skin irritation due to fleas but has been to the vet to get that treated and taken care of and now has a clean bill of health, as well as has been brought current on her vaccinations and microchipped.† She is a happy, happy girl, has done well with other dogs and meeting people, loves human contact, her stubby tail wagging non-stop.† If you are interested in this adorable senior girl, please contact her rescuer Rosemarie via email:† rosemarie.sanchez@gmail.com †(11-24)

"CHACO" is a 15 month old Australian Shepherd mix that has already been neutered.
He is very friendly and playful with other dogs, loves to play chase with them, and never growls or goes on the defensive with strange dogs or strange humans unless he thinks I might be in danger.† He has never bitten or even attacked another dog.† He is great with kids as well and is never overbearing.† He does not jump up on people or kids.† I donít know how he is with cats because I have never exposed him to one.† My guess is that he would be curious and playful, and would probably bark at it to get it to play with him. He is fine on a leash. †
He loves attention and will be in your shadow until you give him some, and then heíll come back for more.† He will be at your side and is not happy if he isnít.† He also needs lots of exercise, at least 2x/day unless heís outside running around in a big yard.† If he doesnít get enough exercise, he will find something to occupy his time, which may include chewing on something. Please contact owner Tim at timr411@gmail.com
Located in Cardiff, CA† (north coastal, San Diego County) †(11-16)

5 month old
BC mix
Will be about 40-45 lbs

Bridget is shy and playful. She is learning to be more confident with new people. She is good with other dogs and being crate trained. If you are interested in adopting Bridget, please fill out an application http://aussierescuesandiego.org/foster-and-volunteer/adoptionapplication/

She is a 5 month old border collie mix who will be about 35lbs. She is shy right now but building comfortability everyday. Brooke is good with other dogs. If you would like to adopt Brooke, please fill out an application: http://aussierescuesandiego.org/foster-and-volunteer/adoptionapplication/


loves to be around her family.† She is playful, happy, and energetic.† Bella's favorite toys are cardboard boxes and plastic bottles. She likes to cuddle and loves belly rubs.† She likes to come to me with a toy half in her mouth, then I knock the toy out of her mouth and she chases it.† That's one of her favorite games.† She also likes to chase lights.† She loves to go on walks.† Bella can be really clever in communicating what she wants.† She'll knock on the door with her nose when she wants in my room or make noise with the blinds to go outside.† She can be a little anxious when meeting new people or animals.† She will not be good in a home with other cats.† She may be ok with dogs, but that's not a guarantee.† She gets a long with some but not every dog she meets.† As far as training goes, she can do a few tricks and she learns quickly.† She doesn't see well at night.† She's grown up with kids.† If the kids know how to treat a dog, she'll be fine.† Just like any dog, she doesn't like it when they squish her or try to take her bone.† She'd probably do better with older children and some space to play. Contact† Natalie at:† natalisara@gmail.com †or† 435-757-7257. Located† in Orange. † (11-25)

"MAX" is a 3.5 yr old neutered male Border Collie mix that his rescuer took in when his owners moved out of the country a few months ago.† She has worked with him and gotten him less fearful than he was by far but he is still on the more reserved/shy side - once he gets to know you, he is a love† :]† He is fine being brushed, barks at first when someone he doesn't know comes but does settle down.† He likes to walk around in a kiddie wading pool to cool his feet off, seems to be okay with cats, fine with other dogs, affectionate once he knows you, has been good with kids 2-3 yrs old and up.† If you are interested in Max, please contact his rescuer, Ali, @ 951-205-0456† (Perris area) †(11-25)

"CHEWY" is a 6-7 year old spayed female looking for a new home with no small children or other female dogs.
She is a good watchdog with a very sweet personality and is a great walking partner both on and off leash.
She loves to travel in the car long distances.
CONTACT DENISE, 909-528-5583, dquist091391@msn.com † (11-20)

† † †† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † This is a partial list of the Aussies available in foster homes and private homes in the the Southern California area.

For a regularly updated listing of Australian Shepherds in Southern California shelters, please go to our shelter listing at Aussies in Shelters

Southern California Representatives

Please only contact one of the following reps in order to avoid confusion and a repeat of efforts. Also, if your area code isn't represented, please contact only one of the reps.

San Bernardino & Riverside Counties - (909 & 951) // Los Angeles County - (213, 323, 310, 661) // Ventura County - (805):† E-mail

Los Angeles County - area codes 818, 626† E-mail

Geri Dimeglio† (San Diego County - area codes 619, 760, 858)† call: 720.684.9298 or† E-mail

Laurie Zurborg (Orange County - area codes 562, 714, 949) E-mail.

Or call a national Aussie Rescue org:
Aussie Rescue & Placement Helpline: 1-877-ARPH-779


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