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Choosing a pet is a commitment for life, please choose wisely...


The Australian Shepherd is NOT the right dog for every family. To be sure you understand the breed, please read Liz Palika's: Is an Australian Shepherd the Right Dog for You?

Following is a PARTIAL listing only of the available dogs in foster care or private homes in the Southern California area. For information on ADDITIONAL dogs, please contact a Rescue Representative.

If you're interested in rescuing an Australian Shepherd, please first check your local shelters. Aussies are showing up there in ALARMING numbers, and we need your help to save them.  Please check our Facebook page to see what we have listed in local shelters


"BIDDIE" and "PEPPER" are a 9 yr old pair needing a new home due to their owner passing away.  Pepper is a neutered male and Biddie is a spayed female.  They are housebroken, not destructive at all, not jumpers, love to ride in the car, and ok on the leash.  No idea how they are with cats or children, and have not been socialized with other dogs, so can be barky around them - they did behave fine at the groomers with other dogs there also, but be best as only dogs in the home.  They are a bit reserved at first, they've had a lot of upheaval in their lives lately, but once they feel comfortable with you, are very loving and affectionate with wiggles and licks.  Biddie weighs about 25-30 pounds and Pepper weighs about 40 pounds.  Please help find a permanent home for this pair of seniors!!!  Contact Janet @ 951-672-0692  (Sun City area). (7-23)


is a 1 1/2 year old neutered blue Merle Aussie. He is chipped and vaccinations are current.
He is active and agile, enjoys playing with toys and playing fetch. Shadow is a very loving, affectionate dog; he knows sit, down, stay, sit up and works well for treats when not distracted. He is currently working with a trainer, because he is very dog reactive and this interferes with our ability to walk him or have him socialize with other dogs, so he needs someone who is Aussie savvy and willing to continue to work with him.  Shadow can be protective of his people, he did nip at a 2 different people when we were out walking him initially, but since we've been working with him he has gotten better.  Shadow is not destructive; he is crate trained and he rides well in the car.  He needs a quiet home with no young kids, cats or other dogs.  Shadow is a wonderful dog, but we are an older couple who cannot keep him due to his dog reactivity.  If you are interested in this handsome boy, please contact Vern @ 805 469-1124   vcook.csun@gmail.com or Beth @ 805 377-2094   gentleyoga.beth@gmail.com (Thousand Oaks area)  (7-23)

"SULLY BEAR" is a 2.5 year old neutered male Black Tri Aussie. He is housebroken. He is good with bigger more dominant dogs (he bit a smaller feisty dog), not good with cats or kids (good for adult only home). He is good with people that are confident/dominant including strangers. He nipped at the mail lady recently - per owner, Alexander:  my wife and mother in-law were with him when it happened, however, he behaves with me and never has bitten a person, he responds well to two-leash corrections and I am persistent with him. I take him for bike rides in the morning and evening about 1 mile each time, however he is calm when sitting at home. He catches the frisbee in air, fetches in swimming pool, sits and shakes on command, he can count with barks, listens and learns very well and quickly. He is great on leash and on walks/runs.  If you are interested in Sulley Bear, please contact owner Alexander @ 760-887-4683  or email: azec2310@me.com.  (LA/Orange County area) (7-13)

"Darkwing" 14 mos old, red tri male neutered Aussie/Husky mix. Owner is seeking a new home as she does not have enough time for Darkwing. Darkwing does live with another dog, but they feel he would be best as an only dog. There is an infant in the house but Darkwing is mainly an outside dog. He has had prior basic obedience training but is very excitable and will still jump. He loves to explore and be with his family. If interested, please contact Rebecca at becca_whatthehecka@yahoo.com or 714-785-4045 (Costa Mesa)  (7-24)

"FRODO" is a 9 year old neutered male Miniature Australian Shepherd (25 pounds)
Per current owner:
Frodo is a sweet and caring dog ready for a new home. This guy is mostly fluff and love. He's very affectionate and will do anything for belly rubs. His favorite activity is snuggling up to you and politely licking your hand.
We've taken him to the dog park, and he is very friendly with other dogs. He is an an active breed, so he does require regular exercise. Additionally, he is great off a leash in less populated areas.
Frodo is very well trained in standard dog things, and even knows a few tricks!
He's best in a house with zero to two other dogs, and no other pets. He has killed a pet bird we have, and we don't want our other pets to meet that fate. Moving him by his collar or taking his food away stresses him out as well.
Previously reported: Frodo has personal space issues that I have no experience with though. He has bitten three different people on several occasions. All these incidents occurred when he thought he was being cornered or threatened-- things like grabbing his collar to leash him, move him away from food, pull him away from a dog trying to fight him, etc. He gets very anxious around my chinchillas and moving the chillas into another room helped a lot but he is still biting  (7-7)
If you can help Frodo, please contact Connor at carados@gmail.com

"STRIDER" is a 2 yr old neutered black tri male Aussie looking for a new home that can devote more time to him.  In his current home, he lives with 4 kids (5-12) and is wonderful with them, great with people in general, happy and excited, yet gentle with the kids, but there just isn't any time to spend with him.  He is very smart and obedient, and very affectionate, would love to spend the day by your side.  He does get nervous and aggressive towards other dogs though, has nipped another dog in the side several months ago when he was off leash, and does bark at dogs that walk by his yard, as well as cats he sees on the street, so will need training to be able to be comfortable around other dogs.  He is housebroken, but is primarily outside during the day and sleeps in a crate in the garage at night - that is why his owner would like to find another home for him, one that can have him inside with them more, and spend more time with him.  If you are interested in this sweet boy, please contact owner Meredith via email: <punkacho@yahoo.com>  (Temecula area)  (7-21)


"PRINCESS" is an 8 yr old spayed female Aussie looking for a new home with a good yard to run around in.  She is very loving and loyal, very good with kids. Because she is deaf, you need to be gentle and not startle her if she doesn't see you approaching / is asleep - she doesn't get aggressive but can get scared.  Being deaf doesn't hold her back in any way, she is high energy, likes to fetch, and used to being outside.  Her owner had to move into a condo with no yard and she's not getting the exercise she needs.  She is currently living with another dog and is fine, owner says that she gets very excited when around other dogs - not aggressive, just hyper.   If you are interested in this beautiful girl, please contact her owner via email: kngirl@verizon.net  (Diamond Bar area)

"LEIA" is a 13 yr old spayed female Aussie looking for a new home.  She does have lupus and incontinence but is still full of life.  Her owners are moving onto their sailboat and are not able to take her with them - per the owner, the drugs she was taking stop being effective for her incontinence so outside is best for her.  Leia is great with dogs, cats, loves children and strangers. She had never bitten anyone, she's a sweetheart. She sits, shakes, not real good on leash, loves car rides.
She lost some hair on nose due to lupus, was on steroids for that but they caused appetite increase and gained a ton of weight.  If you are interested in Leia, please contact owner Gina via email:  ggreene505050@gmail.com  or call 805-506-1484  (Camarillo area)   (7-16)




is a 2 yr old spayed red merle female Aussie mix and "DELTA" is a 6 yr old spayed female chocolate Lab mix, that are in need of a new home ASAP (by the 28th of July) due to their owners are having to move out of state and into a rental that does not allow large dogs.  Both girls are housebroken and good with small dogs, and with limited exposure to small kids, always supervised, have been okay but have not lived with any.  Rio likes to fetch and chase squirrels (needs a secure fence so she can't dig under to get to them).  Delta is still very active and chases Rio and plays really good, but you do have to watch out for her tail, she's a wagger  ;]  They are very good watchdogs but once they know you are okay, they stop barking and are friendly.  If you are interested in either girl, please contact owner Michele: <mbarlow4mk@msn.com>  (Phelan area)

"HAZEL" is a 13 weeks (7/16), Female, Border collie / shep mix that will weihj about 60lbs when grown
Hazel is a spitfire pup! She has the energy and brain power to get things done. Her mom is a tall leggy border collie who weighs about 55lbs. Dad is unknown. If you think you have time, patience and ability to train this cutie pie, please fill out an adoption application  http://aussierescuesandiego.org/foster-and-volunteer/adoptionapplication/
Note, Hazel is a border collie mix, not an Aussie mix. Please do your research before applying.

"DUSTY" is with Lily's Legacy Senior Dog Sanctuary, Petaluma, CA
This adorable boy, our Dusty, is a happy, healthy, cuddly 10-year-old Cattledog who will make a fabulous family companion. He has an endearing, spunky charm and loves to interact with his person(s). He weighs 60 lbs., will likely do well with other dogs (when properly introduced) as well as kids 10-yrs. and older. He walks well on a leash. One of his favorite things to do is to climb in your lap for a snuggle. Just one look and you will be smitten!  If you are interested in Dusty, please contact Lilyslegacysds@gmail.com  or call 707-787-7010. (6-2)

"JACK" is a Male border collie that weights 37lbs.

Jack was found by animal control with sheep. We are not sure the details but he was listed as a stray and then pulled by another rescue to save him from euthanasia. Jack is sweet, quiet, affectionate and hard working. He has a very endearing personality and will give you a smooch if you let him ❤️
We took Jack over to meet Sara Goodman and see how he worked sheep. She said he most likely worked with his owner as a partner moving sheep thru gates / chutes and stuff like that. He did well, is efficient for normal ranch chores and could compete well with a few more lessons.  Jack rides well in the truck, is friendly with people in a quiet way, ok around other dogs, unknown with cats and kids. If you are interested in adopting Jack, please fill out an adoption applicationhttp://aussierescuesandiego.org/foster-and-volunteer/adoptionapplication/    

"OLLIE" is an 11 month old, male, Aussie/cattle dog mix who will weigh about 45 pds.

Ollie is a very smart and fun guy. He is good with people and other dogs but can be reactive (barky) at first. He needs a stable environment with someone who can build his confidence and coping skills. He learns skills very easily and loves to play, run, hike. If you are interested in adopting Ollie and have time and patience to train him, please fill out an adoption application http://aussierescuesandiego.org/foster-and-volunteer/adoptionapplication/

"FLUFFY" This handsome sweetie had been running in the local desert for two weeks before he settled in on a resident's front porch. He was already neutered and microchipped, but the owner has not returned our calls, nor answered the letter sent by U.S. mail.
His age was listed as five-years old and had two names listed on his microchip information: 'Pescado' and 'Fluffy.'
He wags his tail no matter what we call him. He is super mellow and gentle, affectionate and loyal. Once he has been petted, he will follow anyone anywhere.  Best as an only dog, no idea on cats or kids.  Neutered, UTD on vaccines, microchipped.  If you are interested in Fluffy please contact kammdann@gmail.com or fill out an adoption application and email it to kammdann@gmail.com  (Palmdale area)

"CHEWY" is a 6-7 year old spayed female looking for a new home with no small children or other female dogs.
She is a good watchdog with a very sweet personality and is a great walking partner both on and off leash.
She loves to travel in the car long distances.
CONTACT DENISE, 909-528-5583, dquist091391@msn.com   (7-16)

                                                   This is a partial list of the Aussies available in foster homes and private homes in the the Southern California area.

For a regularly updated listing of Australian Shepherds in Southern California shelters, please go to our shelter listing at Aussies in Shelters

Southern California Representatives

Please only contact one of the following reps in order to avoid confusion and a repeat of efforts. Also, if your area code isn't represented, please contact only one of the reps.

San Bernardino & Riverside Counties - (909 & 951) // Los Angeles County - (213, 323, 310, 661) // Ventura County - (805):  E-mail

Los Angeles County - area codes 818, 626  E-mail

Geri Dimeglio  (San Diego County - area codes 619, 760, 858)  call: 720.684.9298 or  E-mail

Laurie Zurborg (Orange County - area codes 562, 714, 949) E-mail.

Or call a national Aussie Rescue org:
Aussie Rescue & Placement Helpline: 1-877-ARPH-779


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