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Choosing a pet is a commitment for life, please choose wisely...


The Australian Shepherd is NOT the right dog for every family. To be sure you understand the breed, please read Liz Palika's: Is an Australian Shepherd the Right Dog for You?

Following is a PARTIAL listing only of the available dogs in foster care or private homes in the Southern California area. For information on ADDITIONAL dogs, please contact a Rescue Representative.

If you're interested in rescuing an Australian Shepherd, please first check your local shelters. Aussies are showing up there in ALARMING numbers, and we need your help to save them.





(temporary name) is a 4 year old male Australian Shepherd mix we recently rescued from the Downey shelter in LA.  We don’t know much about his story other than he was picked up as a stray and had a put down date coming up quickly.  He needs a new home ASAP since we can only provide temporary foster care for him.  We took him straight to the groomers where he got a good shave and wash.  He’s a happy, loving, playful dog with plenty of energy.  But he’s not too energetic and strikes the perfect balance.  He’s also a strong boy, weighing in at about 90 lbs.  So while he behaves well on a leash, he’ll also need a strong owner.  He has a gentle demeanor, is current with vaccines, is house-trained, and shows some understanding of basic commands.  He has some leash reactivity with cats and other dogs but is perfect around humans, even new strangers.  We haven’t had a chance to test up-close encounters yet with cats and dogs.  No biting, no chewing, just a lot of lounging inside.  With a little attention and love he’ll he ready to be a new best friend.  Contact rescuers: Brendan:  brendan.bowler@gmail.com   or  Caitlin:  cmcasey@gmail.com  or call: 949-338-8260 (Orange)


(named after the country music singer) is a 5 year old neutered male, blue merle Australian Shepherd. He is less than 50 pounds and is classified as a mini, but he is quite stocky. He is very calm for an Aussie. Paisley is happy to sleep inside (or outside) all day and have a 10+ min walk/run in the evening - he could do more with some training. He LOVES a belly rub and he is a very smart boy. He knows all the basic commands (sit, stay, down, shake, speak, come, etc.) and is potty trained. He has not been a big fan of the crate, but may just need more work at it than we have been able to provide. Paisley is very popular at the groomers and the vet because he is so well–behaved. He does very well in the car and likes to ride with his head out the window. Paisley has lived with a little, fur sister (another Aussie) for 3 years and he loves to play with her.  He is shy and hesitant around dogs he does not know, but just avoids or herds them away until he is comfortable. Paisley is very loving and loyal to his humans. Unfortunately, he is not happy being in a house with a young baby/child. He has been fine around older children (6 is the youngest he has been around and seemed fine) that know the right way to play with a dog, but a baby is too unpredictable and makes him uncomfortable. We have not had any incidents, but we know that the best thing for Paisley is to find him a home where he is comfortable and happy.  If you are interested in this boy, please contact owner Katy at 805.551.5899  or email: katy.carr@pepperdine.edu  (Newbury Park area)

"FONZI" is a 4 year old neutered Blue Merle male mini Aussie weighing 25-30#. He would make a great companion and travel buddy for someone in an adults only home. Fonzi would like to be the only dog. La Quinta area. For more info., contact Tiffany 760-835-5253



is a 2 1/2 years, 52 lbs blue merle neutered male Aussie.  He is in need of a home without small children. He has mild seizures every once in a while and does not like to be "bugged" by small children or other pets during that time. His owners state that their vet thought he would grow out of them and that no medication is needed. He is great with the rest of the family and often hangs out with the teenage girl in the family. He knows his basic commands, is house trained and active. Jack is neutered, current on his shots and microchipped. Please contact Aussie Rescue San Diego at info@aussierescuesandiego.org if you are interested.


is a stunning 13 month old male purebred bi-colored black and white Australian Shepherd.  He was an owner surrender to BCIN because his owner did not know about herding breeds and she was unable to handle him.
Gunner is a typical yearling as he is energetic, playful, and still likes to chew things.  His nature and temperament is sweet and out going, and he loves to be around adults.  He was raised around children from 4-13 years of age.  Gunner is well socialized with other dogs, however, he does not get along with cats.  He has decent house manners, and he appears to be housebroken.  Gunner walks well on a leash, and only knows very basic obedience.  He is crate trained and also enjoys car rides.  He fears fireworks and thunder, and will protest a bit when you bathe him.  Gunner has been passed around from several family members to one another, so he will need an environment that is consistent and stable.  He is an awesome dog that is going to need further time and commitment to train him.  If you are familiar and have previous experience with Aussies and enjoys their traits, then Gunner would be a good choice for you.  If you are interested in meeting our dogs, please go on line and fill out an adoption application. We require a pre-approved application to be on file before any meet and greets are scheduled. The electronic application can be found on our website at http://www.bordercolliesinneed.org/border_collie_rescue_and_adoptions/adoption_application.html
To see more pictures of Gunner, click here


is a 7 yr old neutered black tri male Aussie, current on shots and chipped.  He is very good with people, his owner has had several strangers coming and going lately due to her health, and he has been very calm about it - sniffs and goes and lays down kind of thing.  Seems to be okay with other dogs - sniffs, is curious, and that is about it.  He's not been around cats that she knows of, so no idea on that, and no idea on children.  He is frightened of thunder and firecrackers, and would do best with a doggie door as he does have some anxiety when left alone and wants to get in the house.  Patches is pretty good on the leash and does okay riding in the car.  He also loves to be petted and will stand for hours as long as you pet him.  Very good with grooming.  Owner says that all in all, he is not an alpha dog and he is smart  :]   If you are interested in this gentleman, please contact owner Jody @ (323-667-2339)  or email: Elocatillo@aol.com  (LA area)   (6-16)


is a three year old Red Tri Aussie. He is good with other dogs, likes to play ball, and of course, be with his person. He weighs about 50#. He is doing well in his foster home with his Aussie buddies, but would love to have his own forever home where he can be part of daily activities. He should be with a person or family with Aussie or herding breed experience. Well loved by all who meet him, Buddy is neutered, up to date on vaccinations and microchipped. Buddy is fostered in Fresno. For more info about Buddy, please contact Lesley sbaussies1@gmail.com  (6-24)


is a 4 yr old neutered red tri male mini Aussie, weighing about 25-30 pounds - he is of similar size to a Cavalier Spaniel, but heavier.  He is a very sweet boy but is reserved with strangers at first, not aggressive just may hide, has been okay with the grandkids, not afraid of them, but does not live with any full time.  He is an outdoor dog primarily but does sleep in a crate at night fine, okay riding in the car, pulls a little on the leash when out for walks, but not bad.  He is okay with some dogs, but not all, they think he might do best as an only dog as he does want most of the attention from his people!  He can be a bit bossy with other dogs, isn't interested in playing with them, his best bud is a very docile male Cavalier Spaniel - they just hang out together  :]   He is an energetic boy and would love to get more exercise and attention from his humans.  If you are interested in Auzzie, please contact owner Kathy at 714-315-9866  (South Orange Co area)   (6-18)

UPDATE: Coco and Pepper  are Eligible for Aussie Rescue's “Open Your Heart Program”
Please contact Karyl at aussierescuesocal@earthlink.net
 for more information   
"COCO and PEPPER" are a pair of older spayed ladies (approximately 10-11 yrs old) that are looking for a new home that has more time for them.  They are littermates that have been together since birth, so do want to stay together.  They are possible Aussie mixes, grew up on 3.5 acres, horses, etc, and have been outdoor dogs their whole lives.  Their previous owners moved to Hawaii a bit over a year ago and a friend took them in at the last minute when the adopters fell through; she has been trying to care for them properly but is gone from the house about 12 hours a day, so would like to try and find a home that can give them more/better attention and care.   They are great watchdogs, but when introduced with people, are fine with them coming and going as needed, seem to ignore cats, are not really around other dogs to know how they would be for sure, and have been fine riding in the truck for the short ride to the groomers. They are good dogs, and other than Coco's occasional excavating around the yard they are very well behaved. Very smart. Pepper loves to be brushed and will stand for hours. Coco not so much...you get a few brushes in and she leaves. They do get shaved in June for the summer. Margie says they get fed and have fresh water but not a lot of attention. They will still play with each other on occasions but do sleep a lot. They love their beds. They really need a home with someone that has more time to spend with them and will keep them comfortable in their old age.  If you are interested in these ladies, please contact Margie:  margie.trandem@yahoo.com  (Yucca Valley)   (6-8)

           .....                                      .


"SOPHIE" is a 10 year old lady that is looking for a new home that doesn't have small dogs.  She did originally live with a male Aussie and was fine, but is becoming more aggressive to the small dogs in the household.  She is spayed, fine with kids, has been around 6 year olds and up,  not been around cats though.  She is crate trained and housebroken, used to being outside by herself during the day, she loves walks and will grab the leash in her mouth and bring it to you to “hint” for one  :]  Sophie has a great personality and she LOVES the pool, but stays in the shallow end.   If you are interested in giving this beautiful girl a new home, please contact owner Marcie @ 951-894-6043 or David @ 951-440-2501    (Murrieta area)  (6-09)



BRODY is an approximately 3 year old neutered male Aussie (possibly mixed with Border Collie) with a full tail and blue eyes.  He is housebroken and crated trained, knows basic obedience plus some, LOVES to play with balls and other toys, including tether-ball.  He can be a bit of a barker and may nip if he gets fearful of something/someone.  Even though he does play with the kids he lives with now,  he would be better in a home with adults that are able to work with him and monitor his behavior.  He currently lives with another dog and does get along okay overall, but does try to steal her food and toys on occasion and she gets very irritated by this. Brody would probably do best in a home that can give him jobs to do and keep him busy both physically and mentally.  If you are interested in this beautiful boy, please contact owner Valerie @  661-623-0850   or e-mail:  dvctaylor@earthlink.net  (Taft, CA)    (2-25)


"AUSSIE" is a gentle, loving girl, about 4-5 years old, who was found walking the rural roads of the High Desert area three years ago.  She loves lots of "people time", with plenty of tummy scratches and back rubs! She would be very good with children who are at least 8 years old. She has even been open and accepting of strangers. She lives peacefully with other dogs and our two house cats, but her current relationship with her "sister" has gone bad, so we are looking for a new home.  She knows basic commands such as "sit" "stay" and "no".  She has been spayed.  Her herding instinct is strong; it's not known whether she's had exposure to livestock, but given her tendencies, it's a good guess she'd make a great herder with some training.  She'd be happiest in a home where she would be the only dog, with lots of attention and stimulation.  Ranchers/Farmers/ Large Property Owners with Fenced Property-this is your dog!   If you are interested in this lovely girl, please contact owner Jessica via email: mommydrums@yahoo.com  (Victorville area)




“GIO” is a 9 month old, male Border Collie mix, and will be approximately 65-70 lbs when full grown.  He was named after a very generous and loving person and he is definitely living up to those traits. Giovanni is very shy around new people but is learning to approach and make friends. He is very playful with other dogs, enjoys chewing on his antlers, playing in the sprinklers, getting brushed and chasing toys. He is such a goof ball  :)  Gio will need a family with a yard, another playful dog(s) and people who can help him overcome his fears. There is so much that he has not had a chance to experience yet, and he really wants to, but doesn’t know how. He is healthy, up to date on his shots, neutered and micro-chipped.  If you are interested in his handsome fella,  please contact Aussie Rescue San Diego at:  info@aussierescuesandiego.org     (7-18)

"ROSIE" is a 4-5 year old, Aussie mix female, 44 lbs.  She is sweet girl, who is very affectionate and gets along with other dogs. She was neglected and came to us with skin, ear, and eye issues, and was also very thin. She is now feeling much better, eating very well, and her coat looks so much better. She is a bit unsure and will need a family who will help build her confidence.  If you are interested in Rosie, please contact Aussie Rescue San Diego at:  info@aussierescuesandiego.org     (7-11)

HUNTER is a 7 month old neutered male Aussie/Border Collie mix.  Hunter is a very energetic and loving boy. He has been around children and is fine with them, just needs help learning to not jump up. Hunter is playful with other dogs and loves to fetch. He needs an active lifestyle where he can get plenty of exercise. He is neutered, microchipped and up to date on his shots.  If you are interested in adopting Hunter, please contact Aussie Rescue San Diego at info@aussierescuesandiego.org

"DIXIE" is a 15 month old spayed female Aussie x Cattle Dog mix.  She is in need of a new home as her owners moved away and didn't take her with them - fortunately her neighbors are very kind, dog loving people, and they took her in to find her a new home  :]   She is housebroken, good with other dogs, currently lives with an older female Cattle dog with no problem, as well as has been okay at the dog park.  She does chase cats, has been okay meeting kids but has not lived with any.  She's a little reserved at first meeting strangers, but does warm up, she is housebroken and crate trained.  Dixie hadn't had much done with her before her rescuers took her in, so continued socialization and training is needed, she is a very sweet girl and well worth the effort.  She has been brought her up current on her vaccinations and rescue got her spayed, so she's ready for her new home!  If you are interested in Miss Dixie, please contact Keith @ 909-630-9305  (Pomona area)

"KAI" is an active neutered male ACD mix looking for a new home. He weighs about 45# and he's 4 1/2 years old. Kai loves to play outdoors, loves people and is good with other dogs. He has seen cats when on leash and wasn't interested. Kai is housebroken.  For more information about Kai, contact John by email darrish@aol.com                            (7-09)


"KIKU" is a somewhat reserved girl, approximately 1+ years old, and we think possibly an Aussie x Heeler mix.  Her real personality doesn't come out for a couple of days in a new environment but she is very playful and loves to be with her person. Snuggling up with a good chew toy and watching TV or reading with you is a favorite activity. She loves squeaky toys and ALWAYS has one in her mouth.  She is good with other dogs.  She is good with cats, as long as they don't run.  Not currently living with any children but she walks right up to them in stores when she sees one.  KiKu does not have a lot training but she does sit for her dinner when asked and is OK on a leash.  She likes to sniff in new environments and doesn't have a lot of focus at this time.  I would recommend at least 8 weeks of obedience training using positive reinforcement methods for bonding as well as focus development.  She is crate trained and I would recommend that she sleep in one at night and when she cannot be supervised because she will collect shoes and other items that she has access to.  She doesn't seem to chew them but loves to carry them around.  She also likes to counter-surf if tasty items are left out.  She is spayed and current on all her shots and microchipped.  If you are interested in KiKu, email: aussierescuesocal@earthlink.net      Click here for adoption application   click here to see more pictures of KiKu    (6-27)


is a 7 yr old neutered male, possibly an Aussie mix, that was surrendered to a veterinarian hospital because of his aggression to other animals in the household.  Previous owners have made efforts to retrain him but with no success.  His current caregivers have this to say about him:
Rambo has been very affectionate with us, and was raised around children.  He loves running and hiking, but is very mellow at home.  He's UTD on Rabies,  and I'm more than happy to update his other vaccines before placing him.  He's neutered, but the owner isn't sure about housebreaking since Rambo has been mostly an outdoor dog for a few years.
He's currently on pain medications because he ripped his upper canine during the fight.  This was the only injury he sustained.  It will need to be extracted, and I'm more than happy to have this taken care of before placing him as well.
Even throughout this poor boy's entire ordeal, he not once raised his hackles or his lip,  except to give kisses.  He's let me reach into his food dish while eating, and is very gentle when taking treats.  If you are interested in Rambo, please contact Vicki:  vickirush@norcoanimalhospital.com  (Norco area)

"LUPO" is a 3 yr old neutered male dog, not sure on breed - could be Golden mix, could be Husky mix, could be Aussie mix, could be ??.  He was originally with a woman that was deployed, his current owner took him in and is trying to find him a new home.  Lupo is housebroken, very athletic, knows some basic obedience and directions, easily trained and responsive, very food motivated.  He really wants to be with his people, may bark some if left alone outside for long periods of time, but is very calm when his people are around.  He has been good with the 3 kids in his current home (7 mons to 5 yrs old) - walks away if he's had enough.   He is reserved at first meeting of strangers but not aggressive, and does warm up once he is comfortable.  Lupo does have leash aggression with other dogs and is not good with cats, chases anything that moves, and is very distracted by any movement while on walks.  If you are interested in this handsome boy, please contact Dave @ 760-274-1702 weekdays, or 858-254-6938 weeknights/wkends.  (Poway area)  (6-18)


This is ABBEY.  I rescued her out of the Downey Animal Shelter in South Gate about a month ago with the intention of finding her a good home.  She's 17 lbs., 11 months old, spayed and up to date on all vaccinations, people- and dog-friendly.  I've been told she could be a mini Aussie or mini Aussie mix.  She is a special-needs dog.   When I saw her at the shelter, I didn't notice that she didn't wag her tail at all.  Once I got her home, I realized there was a problem as she is both fecal and urine incontinent.  An x-ray revealed a total separation of her tail from her spinal column.  The vet suggested that possibly someone pulled her tail so hard that it became separated.  A neurologist recommended amputating the tail to prevent further damage to the nerves, which I had done about 3 weeks ago.  Because Abbey is able to hold both urine and feces overnight, the neurologist said that there is a "reasonable chance" that she will someday regain control.  However, he could not say when.   As time has gone by I have come to find that Abbey is definitely  incontinent.  No, she is not paralyzed, but she has little feeling around her anus area (according to the vet).  Abbey is actually very active and happy -- you would never guess that anything was wrong!  If you are interested in this beautiful little girl, please contact her rescuer Sharon at: sharongolding@gmail.com or call:  562-307-0004.    
Sharon  adds that Abbey LOVES other dogs and toys.  She plays with my BC mix (who weighs more than 3 times her size) all the time.  My little dogs are not as interested in playing with her, but they will occasionally.  They prefer to play with each other.  Really such a nice dog.  And no problem with putting on her diaper.  She waits outside while I put it on. (6-07)

"BENTLEY" is a 2 yr old neutered male aussie/border collie mix who is deaf.  He is housebroken and loves car rides.  Bentley is very well behaved in the house and he is a super loyal boy.  He is great with people and has done fine with other dogs.  Contact rescuer Megan if you are interested in this great boy:  collectinaussies@yahoo.com

is a 6 yr old neutered male Aussie mix.  He had lived his entire life chained in a yard until dumped an the Pasadena Animal Shelter.  He likes attention and is actually excellent in the house.  He is also good in a crate and car rides.  Seems fine with other dogs so far but would probably do best living with a female.  For adoption information click here.  (mm)

Our best guess is "Lola & Lily" are Heeler/Border Collie mixes.   Lola and her daughter Lily were due to be euthanized but were rescued just in time from rescued from the Bakersfield shelter.  The story we got, their guardian had gone to jail and they ended up at the shelter.  VERY smart gilrs they also have that Heeler energy and a bit of anxiety meeting new people.  With patience, they are both loving, loyal girls.  Lola is very She eager to learn and please.  Lily being pure white is deaf and relies on Lola for guidance so we prefer not to separate them.   Both girls would be best suited for a home who can provide Lola plenty of exercise and training.

Both girls are spayed, up to date on vaccinations and microchipped.  We beleive a well trained dog is a happy dog. Therefore, training will be required to ensure they remain well mannered and happy.

For adoption consideration, please contact Mutt Match LA at either  muttmatchla@aol.com   or call 323-839-2980     (12-12)

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This is a partial list of the Aussies available in foster homes and private homes in the the Southern California area.

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