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Choosing a pet is a commitment for life, please choose wisely...


The Australian Shepherd is NOT the right dog for every family. To be sure you understand the breed, please read Liz Palika's: Is an Australian Shepherd the Right Dog for You?

Following is a PARTIAL listing only of the available dogs in foster care or private homes in the Southern California area. For information on ADDITIONAL dogs, please contact a Rescue Representative.

If you're interested in rescuing an Australian Shepherd, please first check your local shelters. Aussies are showing up there in ALARMING numbers, and we need your help to save them.  Please check our Facebook page to see what we have listed in local shelters


"SHADOW" is a 1 1/2 year old neutered blue Merle Aussie  (Mini). He weighs 36lbs   He is chipped and vaccinations are current.
He is active and agile, enjoys playing with toys and playing fetch. Shadow is a very loving, affectionate dog; he knows sit, down, stay, sit up and works well for treats when not distracted. He is currently working with a trainer, because he is VERY dog reactive and this interferes with our ability to walk him or have him socialize with other dogs, so he needs someone who is Aussie savvy and willing to continue to work with him.  Shadow is not destructive; he is crate trained and he rides well in the car.  He needs a quiet home with NO young kids, cats or other dogs.  Shadow is a wonderful dog, but we are an older couple who cannot keep him due to his dog reactivity.  If you are interested in this handsome boy, please contact Vern @ 805 469-1124   vcook.csun@gmail.com or Beth @ 805 377-2094   gentleyoga.beth@gmail.com (Thousand Oaks area)  (8-24)



is a beautiful 2 year old mini Aussie. He is neutered, utd on shots, he has a summer grooming so he has shorter hair. He is good with dogs and cats and horses. He does get possessive of his human if he is the first dog on the couch with you and others come up. He is easily corrected with proper handling. He has a little separation anxiety. He is crate trained. Bear's owner passed away and his widow was not able to keep him. Bear is deaf. Bear is in Apple Valley.  Contact norettabarker@gmail.com



is a 5 years old, male,
Australian Shepherd with a tail that weighs about 40 to 45 lbs.

Johnny is a friendly happy guy. He is good with people and has been good with the other dogs in his foster home. Johnny likes to go on walks and hang out with his person. He does have some energy and will need a yard to run around in. Johnny would also like a home where someone is around to be with him most of the time. If you are interested in adopting Johnny, please fill out an application http://aussierescuesandiego.org/foster-and-volunteer/adoptionapplication/



is a four month old, Female Australian Shepherd that will be 40lbs when full grown.

Meet Bella Blue! Bella is a happy energetic girl! She loves people and has gotten along well with other dogs. She's highly intelligent and learns quickly, has a lot of energy and loves to play and run around. Bella needs a family with time and skills to train her and help her learn basic manners. If you are interested in adopting Bella, please fill out an application http://aussierescuesandiego.org/fosterů/adoptionapplication/


is  a 6 year old neutered blue merle male Aussie looking for a new home.  His original family moved into a tract home from a 5 acre setting.  Between no one making the time to get him more exercise and the addition to several younger dogs, he had trouble adjusting, so they gave him to a friend of the family - unfortunately in that home there is a male Jack Russell who is protective of his owner and the 2 boys are not getting along very well.  He did get along fine with an older female Husky mix in the original home, but may be best as an only dog.  CJ has been mainly an outdoor dog but has been okay in the house, not been around cats or small kids, but was okay with the older children that he lived with in the original home.  He has a typical herding breed personality and is reserved at first meeting, but does warm up once he gets to know you.  If you are interested in this handsome boy, please contact Joyce via email: levering_joyce7@yahoo.com  (Temecula area)  (7-28)

This was taken from a Craigslist post one of our Fosters found:

Meet "SCHMITTY" and "LEFTY" -
My husband and I got them from the Irvine Shelter 8 years ago. They came to the shelter from a breeder when they were 2 years old. They were in excellent health then and still are. They had a thorough examination on March 21 of this year, which was their 10th birthday. The vet said they are in excellent health. Most people think they are puppies because they are mid-size (46 pounds) and still look young. They are playful too, but don't require the running twice a day like they used to. My husband and I have divorced and I will be going back to work on August 1 and working very long hours. I'll be moving out of the condo I've been renting temporarily and will be renting a room in someone's home by mid-August, so I have to find them a good home very soon.They are 10-years old. They've never had an issue with their health. No allergies, major surgeries, etc. Schmitty had to have some teeth pulled due to his under bite. Lefty has a fatty cyst but it doesn't affect him. They are very socialized and sweet. They love people and other dogs. They get along great with cats too. They eat a mixture of grain free kibble and human grade canned food twice a day. They eat and drink out of the same bowl. They are super bonded and love each other very much. They slept outside on our patio or in their dog house for the first 7 years, but for the past year they've slept indoors but never in my bed. They aren't allowed on the furniture unless I tell them it's okay.
They are current with their rabies and bordatella. Those are the only vaccines I get for them. They are licensed and chipped. I have every record on them since we got them from the shelter.
What I'm looking for in a home for them:
An individual or family that loves dogs and can give them the attention they are used to. They are happy just to be in the same room with you, but they aren't used to being home alone all day. When my husband and I first got them we both worked, but different hours, so they were only alone from 10 a.m until 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon. For the last year I've been with them full time, but I am going back to work, very long hours. They would do fine with a normal 8-5 work day since they have each other. A yard with grass. They love laying in grass.
Daily walks. I've never taken them to a dog park. We've always taken them to greenbelts or the river trail so they can be off leash. However, they do well on leash when they need to be. They like dog beach, but they don't get too close to the water. They don't fetch. We tried to teach them but they have no interest in balls or Frisbees, etc. They are used to 2 walks a day. They don't require much exercise, and our walks are usually 20-30 minutes. If you have a big yard, walks could be limited even more. They love getting out to see other people and other dogs. They love riding in the car too.
If you think you can give them as good a life or better, please contact me. I am asking for a $300 re-homing fee to ensure only seriously interested parties. I will also want to see where you live, to make sure there is a yard and plenty of room for them to enjoy the outdoors. (HUNTINGTON BEACH area)     (7-28)
Thank you for your interest in providing a loving home for my boys.  Contact email: tz728-5698902406@comm.craigslist.org 



and "PEPPER" are a 9 yr old pair needing a new home due to their owner passing away.  Pepper is a neutered male and Biddie is a spayed female.  They are housebroken, not destructive at all, not jumpers, love to ride in the car, and ok on the leash.  No idea how they are with cats or children, and have not been socialized with other dogs, so can be barky around them - they did behave fine at the groomers with other dogs there also, but be best as only dogs in the home.  They are a bit reserved at first, they've had a lot of upheaval in their lives lately, but once they feel comfortable with you, are very loving and affectionate with wiggles and licks.  Biddie weighs about 25-30 pounds and Pepper weighs about 40 pounds.  Please help find a permanent home for this pair of seniors!!!  Contact Janet @ 951-672-0692  (Sun City area). (8-8) Update: These two wonderful dogs are now at Retrievers and Friends Rescue, please contact Janet for more info.


is a 1 1/2 year old neutered blue Merle Aussie. He is chipped and vaccinations are current.
He is active and agile, enjoys playing with toys and playing fetch. Shadow is a very loving, affectionate dog; he knows sit, down, stay, sit up and works well for treats when not distracted. He is currently working with a trainer, because he is very dog reactive and this interferes with our ability to walk him or have him socialize with other dogs, so he needs someone who is Aussie savvy and willing to continue to work with him.  Shadow can be protective of his people, he did nip at a 2 different people when we were out walking him initially, but since we've been working with him he has gotten better.  Shadow is not destructive; he is crate trained and he rides well in the car.  He needs a quiet home with no young kids, cats or other dogs.  Shadow is a wonderful dog, but we are an older couple who cannot keep him due to his dog reactivity.  If you are interested in this handsome boy, please contact Vern @ 805 469-1124   vcook.csun@gmail.com or Beth @ 805 377-2094   gentleyoga.beth@gmail.com (Thousand Oaks area)  (7-23)



is a 13 yr old spayed female Aussie looking for a new home.  She does have lupus and incontinence but is still full of life.  Her owners are moving onto their sailboat and are not able to take her with them - per the owner, the drugs she was taking stop being effective for her incontinence so outside is best for her.  Leia is great with dogs, cats, loves children and strangers. She had never bitten anyone, she's a sweetheart. She sits, shakes, not real good on leash, loves car rides.
She lost some hair on nose due to lupus, was on steroids for that but they caused appetite increase and gained a ton of weight.  If you are interested in Leia, please contact owner Gina via email:  ggreene505050@gmail.com  or call 805-506-1484┬  (Camarillo area)   (7-16)






SOPHIE" (female) Australian Shepherd Mix    Age: Puppy
Compatibility:     Good with Most Dogs, Good with Kids and Adults
Personality:     Average Energy, Average Temperament
Health:     Spayed, Vaccinations Current
  It doesn't get much prettier than Sophie. This gorgeous blue merle girl is about 1.5 years old. She is a medium-sized girl who weighs between 35-45 pounds. Sophie isn't just a pretty face. She is a smart girl, too! She already knows come here and sit. Even though her former family didn't spend much time with her, Sophie was looking to engage and learn. She will be a straight A student for a family who will take her to class. Sophie is a sweetheart, too! She is good with dogs large and small. She is even good with a little Chihuahua that she lives with. She is also very nice with people, adults and kids alike. Sophie would love a home where she can take car rides and go on adventures with her person. She is nice on rash and loves long walks. She only dreams of hiking! So, an active family is a bonus for her. Sophie is microchipped. We at working to confirm that she is spayed. We are also updating her vaccinations. Sophie is ready for her new home in So Cal. A home visit and vet reference are required.
 Adoption Fee: $250  (Orange County)   If you are interested in Sophie, please contact rescuer Lori: lmmercer@gmail.com



Per owner: I am needing to rehome my Australian Shepherd / Border Collie mix - Keely.  She's a sweet smart loving 6 year old, spayed, and up to date on all her shots. She has always been slightly aggressive and anxious around other dogs. We did puppy training and worked with her at the dog park, however she mostly wants to be left alone and keeps to herself and her owner. We have another dog in our house and they've gotten into a few fights over the years mostly over food. However, with proper care and responsibility all this is manageable. If you know her tendencies (leave before she gets too tired, don't put her collar on when other dogs are close, keep her on a short leash while walking by other dogs, etc.) and are willing to work with her she is able to be taken to the dog park and walked.  We haven't had any issues in over a year. That said, we now have an 18 month old daughter. At first the dogs were uninterested in the baby. Now that she's 1 and a half and more mobile, it's become an issue. Keely has been getting increasingly uncomfortable around her. We never leave them unsupervised and worked with showing our daughter how to respect the dogs space and not bother them. However, over the weekend she got too close and Keely bit her in the face. Luckily, there was no major damage. She didn't break the skin, but it was still traumatizing. We need to rehome her as we cannot wait for this to happen again or worse. Ideally she'd do best in a home that understands an Aussie's demeanor and tendencies and no children. I would ideally like to find a new home for her by the weekend.  Any help would be most appreciated!

If you are interested in helping Keely, please contact Joe  408-569-9504 (8-18)


"PRINCESS" is a 2 1/2 year old female, Aussie mix that weighs 45lbs. Princess is very friendly with people and good with other dogs. She is active and needs a family with time and energy to spend with her. Her current family works a lot and is now moving to an apt. and can't take her. Princess is up to date on shots, micro chipped and spayed. Please contact Gilbert at 619)853-4362.


"MONROE" is a 12 weeks (dob 5/10), Female, Aussie mix that will be about 50-55lbs.

Monroe is an energetic fun loving girl! She loves to run and play and always has a smile on her face. Monroe is learning basic manners but still needs a lot of training. If you have the time and patience to train a puppy and you are interested in adopting Monroe, please fill out an application http://aussierescuesandiego.org/fosterů/adoptionapplication/



is with Lily's Legacy Senior Dog Sanctuary, Petaluma, CA
This adorable boy, our Dusty, is a happy, healthy, cuddly 10-year-old Cattledog who will make a fabulous family companion. He has an endearing, spunky charm and loves to interact with his person(s). He weighs 60 lbs., will likely do well with other dogs (when properly introduced) as well as kids 10-yrs. and older. He walks well on a leash. One of his favorite things to do is to climb in your lap for a snuggle. Just one look and you will be smitten!  If you are interested in Dusty, please contact Lilyslegacysds@gmail.com  or call 707-787-7010. (6-2)



is an 11 month old, male, Aussie/cattle dog mix who will weigh about 45 pds.

Ollie is a very smart and fun guy. He is good with people and other dogs but can be reactive (barky) at first. He needs a stable environment with someone who can build his confidence and coping skills. He learns skills very easily and loves to play, run, hike. If you are interested in adopting Ollie and have time and patience to train him, please fill out an adoption application http://aussierescuesandiego.org/foster-and-volunteer/adoptionapplication/



FLUFFY" This handsome sweetie had been running in the local desert for two weeks before he settled in on a resident's front porch. He was already neutered and microchipped, but the owner has not returned our calls, nor answered the letter sent by U.S. mail.
His age was listed as five-years old and had two names listed on his microchip information: 'Pescado' and 'Fluffy.'
He wags his tail no matter what we call him. He is super mellow and gentle, affectionate and loyal. Once he has been petted, he will follow anyone anywhere.  Best as an only dog, no idea on cats or kids.  Neutered, UTD on vaccines, microchipped.  If you are interested in Fluffy please contact kammdann@gmail.com or fill out an adoption application and email it to kammdann@gmail.com  (Palmdale area)



is a 6-7 year old spayed female looking for a new home with no small children or other female dogs.
She is a good watchdog with a very sweet personality and is a great walking partner both on and off leash.
She loves to travel in the car long distances.
CONTACT DENISE, 909-528-5583, dquist091391@msn.com   (7-16)

                                                   This is a partial list of the Aussies available in foster homes and private homes in the the Southern California area.

For a regularly updated listing of Australian Shepherds in Southern California shelters, please go to our shelter listing at Aussies in Shelters

Southern California Representatives

Please only contact one of the following reps in order to avoid confusion and a repeat of efforts. Also, if your area code isn't represented, please contact only one of the reps.

San Bernardino & Riverside Counties - (909 & 951) // Los Angeles County - (213, 323, 310, 661) // Ventura County - (805):  E-mail

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Or call a national Aussie Rescue org:
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